Phone Holder and Phone Stand Combined in an Ultra Compact Body

With its tilting mechanism, you can adjust your phone to any angle on tables.


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Type: MAX
Pack: Single
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Stand Alone

Seize the moment, no need to carry an extra mini tripod. Effortlessly balance your phone on any flat surface, and easily switch angles on the fly.

'Continuity Camera'

Now Easy

When using your smartphone as a webcam on any operating system, it's essential to have a stable way to position your phone at an appropriate angle. The PhoneCLIP MAX offers the ultimate solution for this need. It's designed to securely attach your phone to your monitor, ensuring that it stays in place during video calls or streams. With tools like Continuity Camera for Mac and iPhone users, Camo for cross-platform use, DroidCam for Android and PC, and FineCam for both iOS and Android devices, along with the PhoneCLIP MAX for secure mounting, you can easily set up a high-quality webcam with devices you already own.

Any Phone
With or Without a Case

More basic models also available.


Light and Durable Plastic Body


100% CNC Machined Aluminum Body

These lighter and more compact models deliver only the phone holder feature; they do not include the built-in stand or monitor attachment features. If you have already invested in tripods and stands, the basic models of PhoneCLIP will provide great ease and speed when integrating your phone into your video-making ecosystem.

Tech Specs





Size (L x W x H)

(L x W x H) 1.8 x 1 x 1.8 in (47 x 25 x 46 mm)

(L x W x H) 1.3 x 1.2 x 1.4 in (35 x32 x 36 mm)

(L x W x H) 1.3 x 1.2 x 1.4 in (35 x32 x 36 mm)


2.3 ounce (67 g)

1.12 ounce (32 g)

0.77 ounce (22 g)