Our Warranty & Insurance

Last Update: May 11, 2023

Lifetime Warranty

The edelkrone lifetime warranty only covers the non-moving mechanical parts of our products. Moving parts and electronic components are only guaranteed for 2 years.

Specific components such as straps, hand-tightening screws, rubber feet, wheel tires, mounting ports, and mounting screws are not included in our standard warranty.

Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, misuse or abuse of the product, unauthorized modifications or repairs, and defects or damages that may arise from the improper use of the product are not covered by the warranty.

Free Lifetime Insurance

Products purchased from edelkrone.com outside of discount seasons are eligible for insurance credit.

This insurance credit is preserved throughout the lifetime of the product. When the products are no longer covered by the warranty, this insurance credit provides them with the chance to obtain free parts for their repairs. (Though we provide a credit insurance equal to 50% of the product's value, it does not necessarily mean half of the parts can be replaced for free, as the cost of individual parts separately can exceed the total product price.)

In situations where we can no longer continue to provide technical support for the products, the insurance credit is converted into a store credit at a certain rate (credit x (1 - (0.1x age of the product))), which can then be used to access new products from edelkrone.com at a more affordable price.